1992 Chevy Truck With A/C On Dies Out and Has No Power

1992 Chevy 1500 p/u single cab. Question = I recently replaced pretty much the entire a/c system and now my truck dies for no apparent reason. I bought my truck about seven years ago and the a/c never worked. What's going on is when I crank my truck and turn on the fan or the a/c it dies,

and when I can get it started again the check engine soon light is on and I hardly have any throttle response. If I turn the engine off and wait a couple off minutes then crank it back up it's like it never happened, and it runs like it normally does. I don't know if maybe the compressor is putting to much strain on the engine, it is kinda old, or if it's a completely unrelated problem. If you know something that could help I would appreciate the info. Thanks

Yes, this may be a compressor problem. After getting hot, it may be locking up causing the engine to stall. After this happens, remove the belt and see if the compressor is hard to turn by hand. With the check engine light on, you need to get the truck engine codes scanned to find out what the light is on for. It may be the cause of the stalling, which is not related to the A/c at all. Many of the large national parts store chains will scan computer codes for free.

Chevy Silverado Engine Misfire

2005 v8 Silverado at idle with air on (only) left bank of engine misfires at idle and truck dies. While traveling at speed limit down the road with air on it will keep running with no apparent problem. 800 dollars later and mechanics have not found the problem.

Answer: Ya, that is a strange one. A/C puts a load on the engine, so at idle if there is a problem that only shows with a little extra load on the engine at idle, i would suspect that is the problem. Check for leaking intake manifold gaskets. This will cause a vacuum leak at idle only, and the extra load of the A/C may be enough to cause it to misfire and stall.

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  • Guest - Reuben

    After 300 more dollars and a different shop problem found. The bottom connectors on the blue side of the computer are wet , rusty and pitted.