2002 Ford Expedition.

Repairs for this problem: replaced blower motor rely and wiring harness.
Question : After a replaced the blower motor fan relay and wiring harness.

  I did this because the blower stop working.  I believe the fan no longer works.  My questions, do you have any pictures or video on how to remove the blower motor fan.


Answer: Don't have pictures, but, there is a cover over the blower motor fan. First disconnect the electrical connector. Remove the 3 screws that hold the cover over the motor. Then you have to pry the 3 little release tabs to get that cover off. Under that are the 3 screws that actually hold the blower in. Remove those then the motor comes right out. Be sure that is your problem. Use a test light before removal inline with the 2 wires with the connector unplugged. Turn on the air conditioning  and blower on high. the test light should light, then you know it s bad.

1993 ford explorer. Engine Size : v6
Question: i have replaced the heater blower an checked all the fuses an i still have no power to the heater blower is there something i have over looked.


Answer: The blower motor gets power from the #5 fuse in the fuse block. When you turn on the blower switch, this closes the relay to give power to the blower motor. The resistor controls the ground side. Ground flows from the motor through the proper terminal of the resistor as selected by the speed switch. High speed is the only one that does not use the resistor. Sounds like you have a blower resistor problem, or a wiring problem to the relay, and it does  not get a signal from the speed control switch or no ground.


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