1996 Lincoln Towncar A/C Compressor Won't Turn On

1996 Lincoln Towncar  Cypress edition Engine Size : V8

Question: compressor is not getting any power to tell the a/c to come on, compressor is not bad, freon levels are okay, mechanic says i need to take to the dealer and they want 90.00 /hour to even touch it....please help me.

Answer: Without a schematic in front of me, I would say first be sure to check all the fuses. Each model and year are different, so the compressor engagement circuits are different. Some have power to compressor all the time, and the pressure sensors and control panel in the dash control the ground side. Others, and most common, is this: the control panel sends a request (Power feed) first to one or more pressure sensors. If the pressure is OK, then power goes to the compressor clutch.

The clutch is always grounded, so the clutch engages. Sounds like you are going to need to check for power into the pressure sensors from the control panel, then check for power out of the sensor. This problem could all be from a bad $15 sensor, but again, you would need a schematic, test light and volt meter.

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