1999 Ford Expedition Door Ajar Light

1999  Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.0 Triton.

Question : All doors are shut and the lights stays on and the indicator on the dash reads door ajar.

Answer: one of the door ajar switches is stuck. There are two different types of the switches. One type, which is usually on older cars and trucks is an actual pin switch in the door jam. But most now have this switch as part of the lock/latch assembly. This switch sticking is what is causing the lights to stay on and indicate door ajar on the dash. It can be kind of difficult to find out which one it is. It is usually the drivers door since that is the one that is used most often.

But it can be any door. With all of the door shut, try banging on the outside of the door in the area of the latch and see if the light on the dash flickers or goes out. If it does then that is the door with the problem. Another way to check is to slam the doors one time fairly hard. This will sometimes free up a stuck switch. If you do find the one that is faulty, you'll need to take the door panel off and replace the lock/latch assembly. Not as common, is a wiring problem to one of those latches.

Ford Expedition Engine Tapping

If I got the oil changed and new oil filter for my 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition and it is making a slight tapping noise still could I still drive it and what could it be and would it be fixable?

Answer: You say it is still making a tapping noise? So you thought the oil change would make the noise go away, but it is still there? The only way an oil change will fix an engine noise is if it was very low or full of sludge. Normally when the engine is making a noise, the damage has already been done. Is the engine noise is a tap or tick, then that means the problem is in the top end- rocker arm, lifter, camshaft. You are going to have to have to pinpoint the noise to find out what needs to be replaced.

If it is not too loud or if it has been happening for a while now, then yes it is OK to drive until you get it repaired.

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