Ford F-150 Drivers Power Window Replacement

Question: My driver side power window is  not working on my Ford F-150 truck. When i press the switch, I can hear the relay clicking in my fuse box. The passenger side window operates fine.

From what I can tell, I think the door window power regulator motor is bad. Tonight I pulled out my Haynes auto repair manual and removed the door panel. The next step is to remove the door glass & weathers. But the manual says to lower the window. I cannot get the window to budge, so hpw can i repair this.

Answer: Try tapping on the window motor as you are working the switch. This may get it to work long enough for you to get it in the correct position. Or, you can replace the window motor without removing the regulator at all. Once the door panel is off and the shield is out of the way, you should be able to see three dimples near the speaker. Drill these out with a hole saw and you will be able to access the window motor bolts. Pull the speaker and you be able to remove and reinstall the motor through the opening. I was able to buy one up at my local Ford dealer for around $70. Don't forget to tape the window at the top so it doesn't slide down and smash your fingers.

Ford E-350 Headlights Stay On

2007 Ford E350 dually box truck.
Question: This truck is a Penske rental which I bought recently. The issue I am trying to correct is that when the ignition key is turned to the on and start or run position the headlights come on and stay on until the ignition is turned to the off position. I'm hoping that there is a simple fix for this.

Actually, there is no fix at all. This is a normal condition with the headlights on newer cars and trucks. The lights are on all the time. Either the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) or the automatic headlamps are on. This is how the system works. Sometimes, depending on the vehicle, you can depress (or pull) the emergency brake, then turn the key on to deactivate the headlights.

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