Heater and Air Conditioning Problems

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  • Guest - Vickie

    My moms 2003 Chevy cavalier ac blows hot air and I just replaced the engine cooling fan motor. What should I check next to see what the problem might be?

  • Guest - Snthony

    My 1998 Dodge Avenger dash defrost will not work but my rear 1works just fine what could it be?

  • Guest - Guest-Donn B

    My 2006 trail blazer is blowing white smoke out of air vent WHY help....dnbennett@earthlink.net

  • Guest - Donn B

    My air blower is blowing white smoke out,why what is wrong???

  • Guest - Will

    The driver a/c vents arent blowing as hard as the passenger side vents.

  • Guest - John

    In reply to: Guest - Will

    I have 2003 Olds Alero. Air will blow out the driver and passenger vents, but barely comes out of the centre vents. (Dash)

  • Guest - André Sourdif

    Je feu voir un moteur avec le nom des pièces individuel pour en savoir son nom pour la changer

  • My ford 2000 crown Victoria has white smoke or vaporous coming out defroster vents when ac was on and now when ac is off

  • Guest - Tim

    In reply to: Emil

    Sounds like the evaporator drain is plugged and all the moisture is stuck and blowing back in the dash.


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