2003 Ford Taurus Sputters and Stalls Out

2003 Ford Taurus V6.

Question: While driving the car has been shuddering while coming to a stop. It was only doing this when i was at a slow speed or stopped. Now the vehicle is starting to it at higher speeds.

Its almost to the point where the car will almost stall out. What could be wrong?

Answer: There are several things that can cause your Taurus to sputter while slowing down and now at idle and higher speeds. The car could have low fuel pressure caused by a plugged fuel filter or weak fuel pump, worn ignition components like spark plugs or plug wires causing an engine misfire, sticking fuel injector, sticking EGR valve causing a very lean condition, or any number of sensors- like a MAP sensor. First you need to get a scan of any emissions codes stored in the computer. If no codes, have the fuel pressure and EGR valve operation checked. Next have the ignition system checked. Remove spark plug to see if they are worn out or burning oil or coolant.

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