2001 F-250 Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit Question

2001 Ford F250 Superduty XLT

Engine Size : 6.8L V10
Question: Give as much detail as possible. : I checked into Full Torque spark plug repair kits. I am not sure which insert I need to use for the repair- it gives me two options: Type 1 or Type 3 for my truck.

Which insert would you suggest I use?


Answer: That depends on the type of spark plug you have. The gauge in the kit is used to check the taper on the cylinder head to decide which is the proper inset. It looks like the kit has both or even all 3 types. Contact manufacturer to be sure.  So use the instructions in the kit to check your cylinder head taper with the gauge tool.

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  • Guest - tom

    I had this cylinder head repair done. At the ford dealer it cost me $700 to put a new bead on. They try to fix the spark plug hole but could not so had to replace it.