The hydraulic brake system consists of the following:

Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder Fluid Reservoir: Contains supply of brake fluid for the hydraulic brake system.

Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder: Converts mechanical input force into hydraulic output pressure. Hydraulic output pressure is distributed from the master cylinder

through two hydraulic circuits, supplying diagonally-opposed wheel apply circuits.

Hydraulic Brake Pressure Balance Control System: Regulates brake fluid pressure delivered to hydraulic brake wheel circuits, in order to control the distribution of braking force. Pressure balance control is achieved through dynamic rear proportioning (DRP), which is a function of the ABS modulator.
Hydraulic Brake Pipes and Flexible Brake Hoses: Carries brake fluid to and from hydraulic brake system components.

Hydraulic Brake Wheel Apply Components: Converts hydraulic input pressure into mechanical output force.

Mechanical force is converted into hydraulic pressure by the master cylinder, regulated to meet braking system demands by the pressure balance control system, and delivered to the hydraulic brake wheel circuits by the pipes and flexible hoses. The wheel apply components then convert the hydraulic pressure back into mechanical force which presses linings against rotating brake system components.

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  • Guest - Stan

    In reply to: Guest - clo

    Maybe contaminated brake fluid. This can cause all kinds of problem with calipers, hoses, master cylinder. See this link for more info...

  • You have a bad master cylinder. It will not build pressure, that is wwhy it goes to the floor and you hear that noise.

  • Guest - Betsy Turner. Guest . regarding 2001Ford Taurus

    No brake pedal goes all way to floor when pumping to get brake makes woosh woosh sound but has plenty fluid in resavoir

  • Guest - clo

    The brake pedal on my 2015 chev double pumps and hits hard on the second time. Has blown calipers and rotars. Shops still cant figure out why. help!

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - Bob Senecal

    The most common cause for a fading brake pedal is a bad master cylinder. The seals inside leak fluid past the pistons and cause the pedal to drop. Also check to make sure there are no leaks in the system. Air in the system will also cause this.

  • Guest - Bob Senecal

    Brake pedal goes down when at a stop and must pump to remain.