The drum brake system consists of the following:

Drum Brake Shoes: Applies mechanical output force, from hydraulic brake wheel cylinders, to friction surface of brake drums.

Brake Drums: Uses mechanical output force applied to friction surface from drum brake shoes to slow speed of tire and wheel assembly rotation.

Drum Brake Hardware: Secures drum brake shoes firmly in proper relationship to hydraulic brake wheel cylinders. Enables sliding motion of brake shoes needed to expand toward friction surface of drums when mechanical output force is applied. Provides return of brake shoes when mechanical output force is relieved.

Drum Brake Adjusting Hardware: Provides automatic adjustment of brake shoes to brake drum friction surface whenever brake apply occurs.

Mechanical output force is applied from the hydraulic brake wheel cylinder pistons to the top of the drum brake shoes. The output force is then distributed between the primary and secondary brake shoes as the shoes expand toward the friction surface of the brake drums. The brake shoes apply the output force to the friction surface of the brake drums, which slows the rotation of the tire and wheel assemblies. The proper function of both the drum brake hardware and adjusting hardware is essential to the proper distribution of braking force.

Rear drum brakes operation and description.

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  • Guest - Deena

    Cool picture of the brakes. Thanks for your help. Have mine apart, and could not get back together. Now I can !