2001 Daewoo Cam Sensor And Runs Sluggish

I have a 2001 Daewoo Leganza. Runs fantastic when not up to temp, but when it gets up to temp feels like air in the gas and sputters. About a year ago I had the camshaft sensor replaced, and we just replaced the

gas cap as seal was totally gone. Thinking this was allowing air in. Took it for free diagnosis and it came up electrical and camshaft sensor again. I know my battery needs replacing, but could this cause the problem? Also very dim headlights.

Answer: Yes, very low system voltage is causing the headlights to be dim and also can cause it to run bad like it it. The computer and sensors on the car are very temperamental when it comes to system voltage. When it is low, this can effect many and all computer systems and every other electrical part of your car.

Have the battery problem fixed first. It may be a bad alternator, battery or both. After that, get the codes cleared and see how it runs.

The other possibility is low fuel pressure. This will cause the condition you describe on your Daewoo. A gas cap would not have. Again, with low voltage that can effect the electric fuel pump causing it to run at a slow speed- thus low pressure. You would need to check that with a pressure gauge to confirm.

The cam sensor code can also be related to the battery problem, or it can be separate. Since it sounds like the same code returned, the cam sensor may have gone bad again, or there is a wiring problem.

Comment: A leaking gas cap would have nothing to do with the problems on your Daewoo. If a cam sensor code keeps coming back, there may be a problem inside the engine. A small metal tab is what triggers the magnetic sensor. That may be loose. Or the engine could also have a loose or worn timing chain. I would concentrate on the cam sensor code first after getting the battery or alternator replaced.

I wold also check the ignition system, like spark plugs and spark plug wires. These going bad can also feel like loosing fuel pressure. Especially when accelerating. That puts a heavy load on the ignition parts. This is called ignition breakdown and can have this effect on your Daewoo or any other car.

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