Battery and Charging System Questions

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  • Guest - Deborah Murphy

    My 2009 Impala is hard to crank in the morning when it is cold weather. You try to crank it one time and cut off the next time it will crank . does this only when it is cold outside

  • Guest - Justin

    Wonting to know if it’s ok to wash computer on top of battery box on the 2005 Chevy equinox has some coroshion just would like to know before trying to clean it

  • Guest - April fox

    Will my 1998 Buick park ave. Starter fit my 2005 chevy malibu

  • Guest - Douglas

    What is the process to change water pump in Ford E-350 diesel/auto VAN

  • Guest - Douglas Smith

    Ford Van keeps draining both batteries (Diesel) so winter is here and again it wont jump start and will be towed to the service center. Question what is draining and where should I start the search (1995 E-350 Diesel)

  • Guest - David Shadeck

    Changed altinator forgot to unhook battery car is no crank no start

  • Guest - Carlos

    Literally just installed a brand new Altenator and my battery is great Condition but for some off reason m y car dies out on me every once in a while like o me a day most of the times if im l icky every otyher day or so but I have a code p0021 and I'm aware of that buyt I also need to put in a new sensor for the bank 2 on my Nissan Maxima 03 se anything so me one can help me out why this continues to happen

  • Guest - Dave

    I have to keep jump starting my car once it runs its fine leave it a day and I have to jump again
    Not sure if the alternator is not charging the battery or the battery is not holding charge

    How can I identify the problem

  • Guest - James Abrams

    My 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe left turn signals don't have power getting to the fuses and they don't come on. Replaced bulbs and fuses. ?

  • Guest - Tim

    In reply to: Guest - James Abrams

    You may have a bad turn signal switch. That is where the power comes from. You would really need a schematic to diagnose this because you need to test voltage out of switch. If it does have voltage, then you need to follow the circuit toward the back of the truck checking continuity and connectors.

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