1989 Honda Accord Won't Start and No Lights

1989 Honda Accord Engine Size : 2.0L
Question: I bought this car on Sunday, everything worked fine and it drove great. That night the passenger side headlight got jammed up. The next morning when I got in the car and put the key in with the door open it dinged as normal.

When i turned the key to the "on" position, the dinging quieted and there were no lights at all. When I tried to start it, nothing happened. When I turned the key back to "acc" there was nothing no dinging, no lights, nothing at all. I had the battery charged and tested. I was told it was charged and fully functional. When I returned the battery to the car and reconnected it. I tried to start it again and still no dinging, no lights, no sounds, and no starting, no turn over, nothing at all is working.

Sometimes batteries can test good but still have a bad cell and give the problems you're having. I would still first try new battery. But, if you are certain that the battery is good then there are a few other things that can cause this problem. Either of the battery cables could be loose. Not on the battery but on the other end. Follow the cables down to the other and and wiggle them see if there loose. Pay closer attention to the ground cable – that is the black cable. You could also have a bad connection at one of the fuse boxes. Move those around and also the wires under or behind the fuse box to see if you can get lights and other electrical systems to start acting up or correct themselves.

Start revving engine harnesses and moving them around with the key in the on position to see if you can get anything to act up. That will tell you the general area of your problem. But again, you must be certain the battery is good. I've seen it several times where people have gotten fooled by a battery of tests good but actually is faulty internally. Also try turning the ignition on and off very quickly back and forth back and forth. The ignition switch is what feeds most of the electrical systems and sometimes this action will free up dirty contacts inside the ignition switch.

If all else fails then your Honda probably has a bad ignition switch. Get that replaced and have the security system relearned. Don't use cheap aftermarket parts. The correct Honda Accord factory parts so you won't have any problems.

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