1996 Toyota Camry Pulls To The Right

Toyota Camry 1996 LE 4 cyl
Repairs for this problem = 4 wheel Alignment, replaced left c.v. joint, replaced engine mounts except rear mount.
Question = Car pulls right under normal driving plus under acceleration pulls right little hardly.

Steering wheel is slight crooked to right. If 3 o'clock is normal than my steering wheel stays 4 position. When driving steering wheel pulls right and car also.

Answer: If the front end alignment was done properly and all the settings are within specification, there are no loose steering or suspension components, then the only thing that can cause your Toyota to pull is a bad tire or bent wheel. Even through they may look OK, one of the front tires could have a shifted belt inside causing it to pull. Rotate the front and rear tires and drive it again to see if there is any change to your problem.

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