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  • Guest - Taylor

    When I try to make sharp left turns in my truck it makes a screeching noise and doesn’t really want to move

  • Guest - Jr nation

    I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4l and I went to work no problem hopped in it and turned the key over it had power I heard the fuel pump turn on but it wouldn't start or turn over and my steering wheel wouldn't walk I replace the safety neutral switch and nothing happened please help me

  • Guest - Tina

    94 Buick Park Avenue. Can only go 15mph and the steering wheel is pulled half way around to the right and I feel as though I can't control the car, hit the brakes and it pulls to the right as well. Everything else is fine. What could this be?

  • Guest - Bobby

    In reply to: Guest - Tina

    You have somethening very broken in the front suspension or steering. Have it checked out right away !

  • Guest - willie

    gurgling sound from on top of intake

  • Guest - Bobby

    In reply to: Guest - willie

    Gurgling noise is usually either air in the cooling system or the boiling caused by overheating.

  • Guest - Margaret

    Change the fuse and still know power steering

  • Guest - Margaret

    Change the fuse and still know power steering what is the problem now

  • Guest - Joe Wells

    I have a 2010 f-150 4x4 4.6 V8 I feel a bad Vibration in my steering wheel only when I gently steer it from right to left I feel it the worst at 40 mph I had the power steering pump checked and it was fine I took it to Big O where I bought the tires some 20,000 miles ago and they said its not the tires although they put P245 17 on the truck when they should have put P235 17 like the book calls for.What could make it vibrate like that?

  • Guest - Joshua

    1998 Chevrolet K1500 Silverado 5.7l Z71. Hard to steer and not drivable. I've replaced the power steering pump, steering gear, idler arm, new hoses and fluid. Still same problem from day one. Using same evo sensor on the back if the pump. Had to replace the wire connection to it. What do I need to do to get regular steering back?

  • Guest - jeff

    I have a 2006 chevy hhr and the left turn signal comes on by "itself" intermittently I tried disconnecting the turn signal lever and I still happens then I disconnected the turn signal lever and the hazard switch, still have the problem only way I have found to turn off the turn signal when this happens is to slap the dash. Any idea what could be making the left turn signal to randomly turn on by itself???

  • In reply to: Guest - jeff

    Sounds like a shorted wire in the dash or from the multifunction switch. Pull on the wiring under the dash to see if you can get your car to act up.