1992 Bonneville Won't Start When Damp

I have a 1992 Bonneville SE with the 3800 engine in it. When it gets cold or damp outside it will not start. I have replaced the spark plugs and still the same problem. Did notice that when it was warmer out and the car started, if you tried to accelerate quickly the engine would buck and backfire. If you accelerated normally it would go fine.

Answer: Sounds like you have an ignition problem. Pull the spark plug wires off the coils one at a time and look in the plug wire wire boots for dark corrosion. Look at every ignition coil post for corrosion as well. The rear spark plug wires are prone to going bad and will arc through the boots at the spark plug end. Damp weather, hard acceleration, are all sign of ignition/spark break-down. If the coils and spark plug wires look OK, then a trick to finding where the problem is, is to let engine idle, and use a water spray bottle to spray the ignition components from the coils all the way down to the plugs.

Comment: If the spark plug wires area ll OK, then i would look at the crank sensor. This is a common failure on the 3800 engine in your Pontiac. You can also spray water on it when it is not starting to see if it will now. If so, replace the sensor. It is located behind the crank pulley.

You will need to remove the pulley, then unbolt the sensors 2 10mm bolts. Then after you install the new one, there is a special gauge tool to make sure it is adjusted properly and does not hit the vanes on the crank pulley. This must be done or you will damage the new sensor.

Turn Signals Won't Blink

1994 Bonneville SSE.
Engine Size : 3.8l
Question: my signal lights don't blink, but my hazards do, whats wrong?? thanks.

Very simple- you need to replace the turn signal flasher under the dash. This is the most common part to fail and cause your problem on your Pontiac. It is located under the drivers side of the dash, usually on a small bracket that attaches to the steering column.

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