Vehicle Won't Start or Engine Noises

Read articles related to common problems why your car or truck wont start. This section also explains some common engine noises and there possible causes.

Battery Diagnosis
If the battery tests good but still fails to perform well, the following are some of the more common causes:

A vehicle accessory was left on overnight.
The driving speeds have been slow with frequent stops.
The electrical load has exceeded the generator output (particularly with the addition of aftermarket equipment).

There are many thing that can cause the engine to not crank over when turning the ignition key.

A Dead Battery

Batteries can fail at any time. Sometimes there is no warning, others times you may notice that the car is turning over slower and slower over the course of a few days or weeks. This may be because the battery is getting weaker and weaker, or you may have a charging system problem.

Main Bearing Noise

Damaged or worn main bearing noise is revealed by dull thuds or knocks which happen on every engine revolution. This noise is loudest when the engine is under heavy load. Excessive crankshaft end play is indicated by an intermittent rap or knock sharper than a worn main bearing.

The following are causes of main bearing noise: