Drivers Side Blows Cold, Passenger Warm - Or Vise Versa

Most of today's cars and trucks have the ability to blow different air temperatures form the drivers and passenger side. Even if you do not have dual-zone controls, there still may be two separate doors and motors to control the side separately.

If all the basic A/C and heater systems are functioning properly, then a problem with one of the temp doors is most likely the cause.

Normally the temperature door motor is the failure. These motors control the door. Depending on which side has the problem, the replacement is different for each make and model. Need to refer to a service manual for the door and motor locations.

Drivers side vent blows warm air - temperature door actuator

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  • Guest - Mike

    I have a 2009 pontiac G6 im having the dame issue but i can not find the ax pressures anywhere please help

  • Guest - guest-shay

    On my 08 chevy impala my radiator fan works on passenger but not drivee side then the ac only blows cold on passenger but not on driver side

  • Guest - truman

    2007 gmc envoy cold air quit blowing on top vents but comes out below vents

  • Guest - Promechanic

    In reply to: Guest - truman

    This is problem with the "mode door actuator". This is the actuator that controls what position the air blows from. This is different from a temp door actuator which controls the temperature of the air coming out any vent position.

  • Guest - Gera

    What would cause clicking noise when ac temp is set to cold, stops when temp is turned to warm?

  • Guest - Stan

    In reply to: Guest - Gera

    Most likely the temp door actuator as described above. Sometimes thy make noise too.