2003 Buick Park Avenue Transmission Shifts Hard

2003 Buick Park Avenue.
Question Here: The Transmission is shifting goofy.. At times it will shift real smooth & then it will shift real hard.. What could cause that?? I had the dealer do a fluid flush.. I wanted a fluid & Filter change , BUT They said no You want a Flush.. Did I do wrong in doing that too ???

Answer: No, this flush is a good thing to do. Some customers get the filter change and the flush. Just doing a filter change only replaces 4-5 quarts of fluid, because all you are doing is removing the pan. The flush removes ALL fluid, about 12 quarts. If the power train computer has not had a scan for codes, I would suggest that.

There may be a code stored related to the pressure control solenoid. You may have a problem with this solenoid since the problem comes and goes. Could also have a valve body problem. Sticking valves or dirt in the valve body will cause valves to stick and give odd shifting problems.

What Is Wire On Strut?

Question: What is the wire for going to the Front Struts on a 1995 Buick Part Ave Ultra?

Answer: The wire going to the top of the strut is for the electronic controlled suspension. It uses a damper- solenoid to give a quicker response to road conditions than a regular strut / shock.

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  • Guest - joel

    98park avanew 3.8 shifts out of fierst gear at 5grand what could it be

  • Guest - cathy

    My Montana is running ok, but sometimes the rpm needle rises high then goes back to normal... any ideas what it could be?

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - cathy

    If the needle / engine speed jumps very high, then the transmission is slipping. If it just moves a little and always around the same speed, say 45-55 MPH, this could be a Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid problem in the transmission which would be much less expensive than an overhaul for slipping. A transmission tech would need to drive it.