SES Code P0446 Evap and Transmission Solenoid Test

2000 Chev Blazer 4wd 4.3 engine GM Computer code P0446.
In last 30 days have replaced all solenoids in transmission, fuel press Reg. 2 oxygen sensors, PCM module and ignition cable in steering column at GM dealership in Houston.

Haynes manual suggests testing for voltage to solenoid at cable end with ignition key on and engine not running. Only able to read 4.96 volts when performing that test. What do you suggest next?



Answer: Assuming you are not trying to fix a transmission problem because of an unrelated EVAP system code P0446, the pink wire at the transmission connector should have 12 volts. Assuming you are on the correct wire, you may have a problem in a splice. That pink wire has a splice with other wires. It is located near the blower motor under the hood if I remember correctly. Or it could have another wiring problem in that wire. Suggest having the meter on the wire and move harnesses around to see if the voltage reading changes.


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