2006 Chevrolet Equinox Blows Warm At Idle

2006 Chevrolet Equinox. When idling, cold air conditioning does not blow out....only lukewarm. Last summer one of the AC fans was out....took a while to get one in.....still didn't fix the problem. Recently replaced the cabin air filter....still didn't fix the problem. Taking a trip and am worried about the AC not working while in heavy traffic. Please help. When idled in heavy traffic or at a drive through, AC is not cold.


Answer: As with any problem of A/C not blowing cold enough, the first thing is to make sure the freon charge is sufficient. Just putting gauges on and looking at readings may not be enough. If the system is even a 1/2 pound low on freon, the gauges will read fine, but the system will not cool properly. Especially at idle and in very humid weather. If the charge is good, then you need to make sure that the radiator fan is running, the condenser (it is in front of the radiator) is clean. If these all check out, then you may need to do a control head re-calibration. There is a service bulletin for this. Here is the procedure...

With the ignition ON, simultaneously press the "A/C" and "Recirc" buttons three times in LESS than two seconds.
Verify that the "A/C" and "Recirc" lights are flashing. Allow 15 seconds for the calibration to complete.
After the calibration is complete, press the buttons to verify the light state changes.

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