Whine Noise in Engine When Hitting The Gas

Problem with my = 2006 Chevy Equinox LS.

Whenever you drive my car, it makes a noise, it gets louder when you gas it and the RPMS seems to jump a tiny bit when just sitting and the noise gets louder then also, it does not however get louder when you turn the wheel from side to side.

Just to confirm, is the noise related to engine speed, or vehicle speed?

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  • Guest - johnny

    whirring noise only when driving and speeds up when you accelaerate

  • Guest - Scott

    ours Does Same Thing BuT Only When You Have The blower for Heat Or AC On.. I Disconnected The Blower Motor And It Still Did It So Its Not The Blower Motor

  • Guest - James

    how hard is it to change the alternator???

  • Guest - tommy

    In reply to: Guest - James

    The alternator is not hard to change on you equinox. Just 3 bolts, one red wire and a connector.

  • Guest - John

    If it is related to engine speed, then i would suspect an alternator. These are common on the Chevy Equinox.

  • Guest - Todd

    I have a 2007 exuinox and just as of late, mine started the same whine noise.What seems odd to me is that mine just started after getting my vehicle back from the shop from repairs form hitting a deer. The first thing I though of was my power steering pump, but then come to realize it is electric assist, so that is NOT the problem. I am somewhat concerned it is the water pump, but does not sound like a bearing. It is more of a gear whine than anything?

  • Guest - Jon

    I have the same issue. It sounds like a traditional power steering system when the fluid is low, but it only does it when I accelerate. It seems to stop once acceleration stops.

  • Guest - Tech

    In reply to: Guest - Jon

    Could still be the power steering pump, unless you have electric steering. Could be a noisey alternator. A stethoscope is a great tool to find these noises.