2011 Chevy HHR Overheating and Engine Blown

I just bought a brand new 2011 Chevrolet HHR. Drove it to the local body shop to have some pinstriping done to it. Seamed to be overheating a little on the way. Got a call the next from the body shop manager. He said my car will not start, so he had it towed to the local Chevy Dealer.

The next day the mechanic called me and told the there was an internal problem in the engine and it had to come apart and get rebuilt. It needed a new headgasket and pistons. WHAT ! You have got to be kidding me. The car has 26 miles on it ! I called GM and demanded a new car. They said that was not possible, they have to fix it. So a week later I got my Chevy HHR back with a rebuilt engine. Now my ne car isĀ  not new, it is rebuit !

Thanks for nothing !!!!!! Should have bought a Ford !

HHR Won't Start

I drove my 2007 HHR to work. Got out of work it wouldn't start. I replaced the fuel pump and reset the security. And it just cranks and wont run. It will fire up with starting fluid. I had a computer code read out P0463 but now its coming up with no code and not running. I'm at a loss of this situation

Answer: Since it will start with starter fluid, that means you are not getting proper fuel pressure. The code P0463 is a problem with the fuel level sensor. That said, you replaced the fuel pump, so you may have damaged a wire in there, since the fuel level sensor and pump are all together and share the same wiring harness. The pump may have been the original problem, but now maybe you created a new one with the same condition of a no start. Check you work.

2008 Chevy HHR Engine Light

I have a 2008 chevy HHR and it has a check engine light on drives great everything good in car just light. Stays on.

Answer: As i am sure you have read all over the internet, when you have a check engine light, you need to get the computer scanned to see what codes trouble codes are stored. If the car runs OK, then you probably have an emissions system related code.

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