Engine Dies and Then Starts Right Back Up

1996 Chevy Blazer. 6 cylinder engine.
While driving on the highway my Chevrolet Blazers engine just shut off. I pull over, wait a minute, then start the engine and continue down the highway again. A minute later the engine shuts off again. This happens 7 or 8 times. Everything is fine for a week then it did it again. Why is the engine shutting off?

No warning lights come on and all the gauges are normal. I got the garage to scan computer and they said no codes were coming up. So the blazer starts fine and runs fine just shuts off whenever it feels like without warning. Any suggestions?


Answer: This could be a problem of a failing fuel pump. This is pretty common on this truck. Normally this would cause the truck to sort of stumble before it stalls. If it just instantly shuts off like you are turning the key off, then it may be a problem in the ignition switch in the steering column, or an ignition control module. It may be hard to find, especially if it starts right back up. Would need to have a fuel pressure gauge on the engine and watch to see if it drops as it stalls, and if it it is low when trying to restart- and it won't. Pressure needs to be at least 55 PSI.

You can also try tapping on the ignition switch to see if you can cause it to stall. The lower steering column cover would need to come off to the access the switch.

S-10 Cranks Wont Start

1992 S-10 Pickup V6 4.3 4WD Vortec V6. GM Computer codes = no
Got new battery installed.
Truck ran fine never had problem until now truck cranks fine and strong also fuel pump starts for 2-3 seconds then turns off left for 2 days came back would not start. Was hot humid and raining out but never a problem before with starting when left truck without running before thank you.


Answer: The fuel pump should run for 2-3 seconds with the key in the ON position, not cranking. It should run constantly while cranking. Need to have fuel pressure checked. Even though the pumps runs, does not mean the pressure is high enough.
Wet weather can cause a no start problem if the distributor cap, rotor, ignition coil or coil wire, or spark plug wires are faulty. The spark will jump around and cause it to not start. The cap and rotor are most common, although the coil and coil wire will do the Same. You can try and spray water from a spray bottle on these items when it is running to see if it starts misfiring or you may even see the spark jump out of the coil or coil wire. But just inspect them first to see if they are corroded.

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  • Guest - Tom

    In reply to: Guest - della

    Yes, having very low fuel in the tank could be your problem, especially if the fuel level sensor is not very accurate. Make sure there is more gas in the tank and if it still happens, have fuel pressure check because the problem could be a weak fuel pump or ;plugged fuel filter.

  • Guest - Isaac

    Crank positon sensor

  • Guest - Mike

    I had a Ford pickup with same problem. Turned out that the problem was a pinhole is fuel line between tank and fuel pump. Didn't leak gas, just sucked air and shut engine down. Would start back up right away.

  • Guest - Nelson

    S10 blazer stalls when I turn left need help

  • Guest - Tim

    I turn my 95 s10 key off but it still keeps cranking

  • Guest - Tom

    In reply to: Guest - Tim

    You have a problem in the ignition switch. It sounds like it is sticking.

  • Guest - Trisha cruz

    I just bought a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4x4 4.3 engine and was told the fuel pump was bad, so replaced fuel pump ,fuel filter and still doesn't want to turn over. Can hear the fuel pump turn on and the relay sinser kicks in. Checked all lines. Got it to start once but turned off I don't got money to take it to shop. What else is wrong?

  • Guest - Billy

    In reply to: Guest - Trisha cruz

    Check your crankshaft sensor

  • Guest - Debbie Edwards

    Toyoto mattrix just dies then starts up again

  • Guest - Phil

    In reply to: Guest - Debbie Edwards

    If it dies when coming up to a stop or when sitting a stop light idling, then you should have the throttle cleaned. Carbon buildup in the throttle will cause a car to stall at idle. Also you would want to check for any vacuum leaks.

  • Guest - Tony

    2002 tahoe start and run but keeps turning off and starting right back up

  • Guest - Tom

    In reply to: Guest - Tony

    You need to check the ignition system and the fuel pressure. You may have a fuel pump going bad.

  • Guest - Jeff

    My engine light was on and then it went off then came back on

  • Guest - Clayton thomas

    I got a 95 gmc surburban 1500 sle and it smells like it flooding and it runs rough and just dies sometimes and start right back up

  • Guest - Bill

    In reply to: Guest - Clayton thomas

    If it smells like raw gas and stalls out, then this could be a leaking fuel pressure regulator. That will make the engine run extremely rich.

  • Guest - Kenneth

    I have a s-10 2.2 motor. If the weather is above 73 and I sit at a red light , when I take off the motor dies but the fuel tank has to be at half full or less. The motor will start right back up however it will die again . I have noticed that if I fill the tank up with fuel to full it doesn't die and if I let the motor cool down it does not die . I have changed the computer the anti theft system the fuel pump and I still have this problem . Can anyone figure out what could cause this issue ? My email is. Williskenlc@aol.com. Please respond if you know what could be the problem. They cannot figure it out because it starts right back up . I'm at my wits end on this issue & need help. Thank you

  • Guest - Chris

    It dies within 15 sec of u driving but i can put it in nuteral and turn the switch off thw crank it rite back up but it does the same stuff over and over

  • Guest - Ella

    My 78 elcamino runs great when it's cold. Then it will miss a couple of times and shut down. After a couple of minutes it will restart

  • Guest - Ella

    My elcamino miss a couple of times then shut off wait couple of min and it restarts what is it

  • Guest - James

    Replaced RF wheel bearing from growling noise. Noise better, but still occasional clicking and snagging. Today I thought it was locking up, it snagged so bad. What is causing it

  • Guest - kim

    my 95 blazer when coming to a stop and braking it idles high and rough sounding and it sputters and will clink and clank as stoppung and almost dies no engine light on what could be causing this.

  • Guest - Bill

    In reply to: Guest - kim

    Your engine may have a vacuum leak. That will cause idle problems.

  • Guest - Shanon

    Gmc jimmy 4.3 will sometimes die while driving in highway when i let off the accelorater pedal.

  • Guest - Danny

    back up just can't run headlights or it kills the motor could it be a sensor problemo what do you think .

  • Guest - Danny

    My s10 blazer goes dead when driving with headlights on but will crank right back up just can't run headlights or it kills the motor

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