2002 Chevy Impala Radio and A/C Compressor Problems

1st: the radio will not play; It seems there is a loose connection in the speaker wires. The radio is on and it lights up, but the lryics, station and message info comes on. Every once in awhile the radio starts playing for a short time- two to twenty minutes.

2nd: The water temperature gauge and A/C compressor quit working. The weather seems to be a factor when high moisture. I was thinking there may be a terminal connection that could be loose, corroded or both that have all these things in common.

Answer: Well, from looking at schematics and looking for service bulletins,

I cannot find anything in common.

1- you may just have a radio going bad, have replaced some in the past.


2- The Temp. gauge could be a thermostat problem. They have been known to stick open and not let the engine temp. get up to normal. Usually it will set a code in the computer, and the radiator fan will default to run continuously.

3. The a/c could be a freon charge problem, although I have had a few body control modules do this. Really think you need to have the computers scanned for codes, and read all the different data parameters. These systems are very complicated and integrated nowadays. Wish I had a definite answer for you, but too many things to consider without having the car in front of me.

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  • Guest - tommy

    what is common with the impala and the hhr to make a/c and temp gage problem on different cars act up the same send this to GM mechanic instructor

  • Guest - TechJ

    In reply to: Guest - tommy

    Nothing at all in common with there two different cars. Check the thermostat. If the car is overheating, the computer shuts ofr the A/C, so that needs to be fixed first.

  • Guest - tommy

    same problems a/c and temp gage in 2006 hhr


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