2000 Malibu Bad Gas Mileage and ABS Light

2000 Chevy Malibu. 2.3L.
Question Here: My Malibu seems to be using a lot more gas lately, the heat/cooling is not strong even after I recharged the AC, and the ABS light is always on.


Answer: Seems like you have a few different problems there. As for using more gas, many things can contribute to that. A clogged or dirty air filter will reduce gas mileage. If you're over due for an oil change, that will do it too. A poor running condition of the engine will always burn excessive gas. It would need to be checked out to find the exact problem. The heat/cooling problem could be a few different things, too. If you've recharged the air conditioning and have no cool air coming out the vents, you could have an A/C compressor that is not working or a leak somewhere in the system where all the refrigerant came out. If the heat doesn't work, check the coolant level. If it's low, the heater core is probably not filling up and getting hot. Otherwise you could need a thermostat, or a coolant flush possibly. The ABS light would need to be checked by someone with a scanner to retrieve the trouble code that is stored in the computer and setting the light on. It's probably a wheel speed sensor, those are the most common problems on your car. If you need a wheel speed sensor, for which ever wheel or wheels, you'll have to replace the entire hub bearing assembly.

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  • Guest - Kenny

    I put a knock sensor and a fuel Injector on my 2012 chevy malibu because it was knocking it still is wat it the problem