ABS and Traction Off | Brake Lights Don't Work

2001 Chevrolet Venture Van. ABS and Traction off lights. Question: My Chevy Venture van has the abs light and traction off lights on, but now my brake lights quit working except the 3rd light what are the chances of multiple bulbs going out at once.

Answer: Brake light bulbs may just be the problem with that. But we have had some problems with the actual circuit board that the bulbs plug into. You would need to replace the bulbs first, then if that does not do it, a test light would be needed to check for power going into the circuit board. Also look at the connector to see if it is corroded.

The brake light problem probably is not causing the ABS light on the dash. Most likely is one of the front ABS speed sensors is bad- which is part of either front wheel bearing / hub assembly, or one of the wiring harnesses to one of the sensors.. A scan of the ABS computer would be needed to determine if this, or another part of the system is faulty. Anytime an ABS light is on, the traction is disabled, so that warning comes on as well.

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  • Guest - jlove

    My right side front wheel is making a humming noses in the sensor lights come on whit the traction lights

  • Guest - Phil

    In reply to: Guest - jlove

    You need a front wheel bearing. Also known as a hub bearing. It is worn out. That is making the noise and setting the ABS and / or traction light on the dash.