Repeat Blower Motor and Resistor Failure

My 1998 Chevy Malibu blower motor keeps going bad.  I have had it replaced three time in the last 2 years. I have also had the blower motor resistor replaced once.  I there anything that causes this on my car?


A common cause for these failures is that water is getting into those components. If the blower motor looks like it is rusty, or the resistor keeps burning up, then it is most likely water intrusion. A usual place for water to enter into this area is a loose, or missing weatherstrip under the upper cowl panel.

Or the cowl panel is not sealed well against the windshield. The cowl panel is the long plastic panel under the wiper blades/arms. From the passenger side fender, you can lift that panel from under the hood and look for a black weatherstrip about 18 in. long that is suppose to be attached to the steel lip just below the windshield. If that weatherstrip is hanging or fell off completely, then you have found the leak. Need to glue that strip back into place to fix the water leak problem. If there is no strip at all, then there was not a seal, and the cowl panel to windshield will need to be sealed with silicone or other sealer.

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  • Guest - soldtonorm

    My wire harness melted. These have been recalled in Canada. Why hasn't NHTSA recalled here?

  • Guest - Tech

    Good point AnnMarie. Have not actually seen too many connector problems on the older Malibu's. Mostly on the trucks. Thanks for the input !

  • Guest - AnnMarie

    As a service advisor working at a GM dealership for 9 years, I have seen this problem more times than I can count. In my experience, the blower resistor shorts out due to an open in the pigtail harness. A lot of mechanics don't bother to troubleshoot the resistor failure, they just replace the component and move on. Unfortunately, the wire harness has to short several resistors before the mechanic starts to see that something is wrong.