Blower Fan Speeds Not Working On My 2002 Chevy Impala

2002 Chevy Impala. Engine Size: 3.8
Question: Heater air conditioning fan was only working on 3, 4. 5 speed. 1&2 speeds not working . Last week none work. I have read a lot of posts that talk about the blower motor resistor is bad or has burned up. I want to try to fix my car without going to a mechanic. Is it the resistor and where is it located ?


Answer: Yes, this is most likely the blower motor resistor. To be certain a test light would be needed to check that the fan speed control is working properly. Connected to ground, a test light would light on different wires as the speed is changed. The resistor is located forward of the blower motor under the passenger side of the dash. Between the blower and firewall. You will need a 5.5MM swivel socket on an extension to remove the screws. They are a little hard to get to.

Some people remove the motor to get a little better access to it. Also look closely at the connector to make sure it is not burned. If it is, it would need to be replaced as well. There is a kit you can buy at the dealer that has a new blower resistor and the connector with wires on it. Best to replace it this way so you dont have to worry about the problem happening again because of poor connection of the plug to the resistor.

Another thing to check on your Impala is for any blown fuses. Since the problem seems to have gotten worse and now effects all fan speeds, the burned out part may have blown on or more fuse. You can screw yourself by just replacing the part part, then it still doesnt work and now you think you just did this repair for nothing unless you check and replace them. Have seen it many times before where a customer is angry at the mechanic because now the car needs one more part to fix it.

Here is a picture of the blower motor and resistor location. It is similar form your Impala, Malibu, Grand Am and many other GM vehicles.

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