2005 Malibu Check Engine Light

2005 Chevy Malibu. Engine size- 2.2 Ecotec.
Warning lights: check engine light. Question = When I start the car it shakes and when giving gas it dies out.

 Answer: What you're experiencing is an engine misfire (not running on all cylinders) and stalling out. A scan of the computer for codes is the first step. There are a few causes for such things, some not that expensive, and others that are pretty detrimental. If the problem is just electrical, you are probably looking at a shorted out ignition module/coil pack assembly. If that is replaced, it is a good idea to replace the spark plugs as well since they usually foul out during misfire events. You could also have a faulty fuel injector, although those aren't known to go bad often on your type of vehicle. The worst case scenario is that you have sticking valves inside the cylinder head. This is caused by excessive carbon build up and makes a 'no compression' event in the cylinder. If you have a lot of miles on the car, that could be the cause. You would need to replace the cylinder head and associated components with that repair. You'd have to get it to a dealership to have it checked out to find the exact cause.

2009 Malibu Engine Light On

What does it mean when engine light comes on 2009 Malibu. Just recently brought car 2 months ago.

Answer: The check engine light comes on when the computer sees a problem with the car. This is usually a problem in the emission system, but can be caused by other things. The first step to diagnosing what the problem might be is to have the computer scanned for stored trouble codes. Anytime the engine light come on, the computer, or ECM or PCM as they are called, stores a history of what system had a problem by using a code number. Many of the large parts store chains will read the codes for free. If the car is running OK, then it is not vital to get it fixed ASAP. If the engine light is flashing, then you need to get it fix right away. A flashing check engine light means that there is an engine misfire that is bad enough to cause possible catalytic converter damage.

Chevy Malibu Fuel Trim Rich

I have a Chevy Malibu and brought it into the dealership because the check engine light was on. I was told there was a fuel trim rich code stored in the computer. They replaced the fuel pressure regulator and sent me on my way. Not one mile from the dealership the check engine light came back on, so I turned around and took it back. They checked it out again and it still the same code.

I got the run around while the tech did some other stuff to my car, which i was not told about. I was assured the car was fixed and was sent on my way again. Almost immediately the check engine light came back on again! I returned to the dealer and was very angry. They told me to leave the car and they would get it sorted out. Finally, after a couple days I was told I needed an air filter and a mass airflow sensor. Why wasn't I told this from the beginning? How hard is it for a technician to fix this problem? Finally the car was right, but I'll never return to that dealer!! Ron.

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