1991 Oldsmobile Stalls When Engine Hot

91 Oldsmobile Regency 98 3.8 V6.
Just changed out a small fuel line to the relay had a hole in it.
Question = i ran my car to the store it ran fine then coming back it shut off like gasping for gas. Shut it off started it up again OK for about 5 minutes then same thing. After starting it again i made it home. Can someone please help this is driving me nuts.

Answer: Well, this could be a lot of different things. You need to verify that it IS gasping for fuel. A fuel pressure reading would be needed for that. If it is low, you may have a plugged fuel filter of failing fuel pump. It may also not be fuel related. Could be that the engine is misfiring due to bad spark plugs, plugs wires, ignition coil or ignition module. Could also be the engine is loosing fuel injector pulse signal. Some preliminary diagnosis is needed to find out what is happening, then find the problem. A crank sensor is another possibility, but that will usually cause the 3800 V6 to stall and not start for a while until it cools down.

Comment: I have had a problem like this on that Oldsmobile before. It was very hard to find. It turned out that the fuel pump was running very slowly at times. I changed out the fuel pump but that was not it.

After a lot of wiring inspecting and testing, i found a loose and corroded ground for the fuel pump circuit. It was actually under the drivers side carpet, sort of by your left foot. The bolt that holds the ground block down to the floor board was green. This is from water contamination. So after cleaning the ground, i had to find and fix the water leak into the floor. Turns out there was a body seam that was leaking. I have read this is a common area for this Oldsmobile.

After the repair the car run fine and never had this problem again. Wish i would have tested for proper voltage to the fuel pump first. that would have saved me money and time from replacing the fuel pump that i did not need to. It was no fun removing the gas tank on this old car as everything was rusted.

Oldsmobile MAP EGR Codes

I have 1998 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Engine light was coming on shows MAP sensor and erg valve codes. One mechanic said bad wires(big problem),one said change sensors. I notice this happened in winter but in summer is OK. If was not good have to be always bad.

The day I changed thermostat I notice two vacuum lines have split in connector, I tape the connector, no more codes, this cost may be 5 cents.

Answer: Thanks for the information. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else with these same codes. As always, check toe simple things first. Vacuum leaks will cause all kinds of problems, especially with a MAP sensor- that's what the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is called. An EGR valve also works off vacuum on older cars, now there are electronic.

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