Clunk in the Steering When Turning

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo has a popping sound in the steering column when the car is moving up and down or when turning and braking at the same time. Know this was common in this model. How do I fix this problem noise.

Answer: A common cause for this noise is what is called the intermediate steering shaft.

GM has redesigned that part a few times, and this one seems to do the trick.
To replace, put car up in the air, remove the dr. wheel, remove the shaft pinch bolt under the steering shaft - to rack boot, pop the shaft up.
Go under the dash and remove the bolt that holds shaft to the steering column shaft, hold steering wheel in place so it does not move, or damage to the airbag coil will occur. Pull shaft out from under dash, install new shaft.

Also, could have an upper strut mount noisy. Suggest having all front end components inspected.
Using a stethoscope on different components and bouncing the vehicle can help pinpoint the problem. bouncing would more indicate a strut area problem instead of the intermediate shaft.

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