2002 Monte Carlo ABS Traction Light When Turning

2002 Monte Carlo SS. When I go to turn and apply brakes, the Traction System activates and I can barely stop the car. Have to let off brakes and just take corners and especially parking real slow so I don''t hit anything. ABS light will come on once in a while too. When it does it real bad, Traction system and ABS light comes on and traction system turns itself off. What is it and what price am I looking at to have it fixed?

Answer: It sounds as if you have one of two problems with the ABS system.
Either you have one of the front wheel speed sensors that is faulty, or the harness to one of those sensors. The wheel speed sensor is part of the hub bearing assembly. The harness going to each front sensor may be broken inside its insulation, and turning the wheel is causing an open in the circuit, or a faulty reading. Either condition would explain all the problems you are having.

To find out which side has the problem, you will need to get the ABS computer scanned for codes.
A front hub bearing / sensor assembly is approx $175 - $250, with the more expensive part from the dealer.

Expect to pay 2 hr. X shop labor rate for diagnosis and replace of whoever repairs it.
If just a harness problem, you can expect to pay 1 1/2 hr.X labor rate for a harness repair.

Retained Accessory Power

Question: what is a retained accessory power relay on 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo.

Answer: That is the relay that controls the retained accessory power. That is the function where when you shut the car off, but before opening the drivers door, some accessories still have power to function. System s like the radio, power windows, sunroof, etc.

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  • Guest - Tim

    I had a warning light and the brake pedal would rumble. The mechanic found a broken wire at the right front speed sensor under the lower control arm.