Should I Replace Cam and Lifter Or Engine?

1997 Chevy S10 Engine Size : 2.2 134L 4 cly. Question: 1997 Chevrolet S-10 LS with 179,000 miles 4 cyl Manual 2 Wheel Drive 1997 Chevrolet S-10 97 S10 engine 2.2 134L remove cylinder head have a bad lifter and Camshaft do I replace the lifter and Camshaft in this motor with a 179000 miles or just rebuild the engine with rebuild kit

. What advice can you give.Do I just replace all the lifter and Camshaft and timing chain and Gaskets.

Answer: Well that is really your call. It depends on a lot of different things to decide which way to go. If the rest of the truck is in good working order, you can just go ahead a replace the lifter and cam shaft to repair it the least expensive way. If you are going to take the engine out of your Chevy to do the job, then you might as well go ahead and do a complete overhaul. If the truck is not in the best shape, or you are going to get rid of it soon, just replace the cam and lifter with the engine in the truck.

Number One Piston

where is number one piston on 2.2 chevy 1997 s10truck

Answer: The number one piston on your S-10 pickup is the front most cylinder while looking at it from under the hood. Closest to eh radiator.

GMC Sonoma Ticking Noise

I am in process in buying a 2001 gmc sonoma 2wd 4cylinder pickup. Me and the owner just replaced the timing chain. The old one we took off was actually snapped in half. Well I have driven the truck for a few days now (nothing heavy). But now there's a little ticking noise coming from under the hood. No check engine light is on or check gauges light. What could be the problem?

Answer: When the timing chain broke, there could have been some damage to one or more of the lifter, pushrods, rocker arm or valves. A ticking noise is usually the top end, of which i listed. You would need to determine which cylinder is making the noise then concentrate on that one to look for a bent pushrod, sticking lifter, loose or worn rocker arm, etc.

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