1998 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Dies out Hot and Won't Restart

1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal V6.
Service engine soon light.
GM Computer codes = no
Replaced water pump and thermostat replaced.
Replaced brain, cam and crank sensors, and electronic distributor pack, ( part with the plug wires ). had the ignition module ,i think that's the name, checked and was told it was good.

Question: After my engine warms up the car shuts off, like the key was turned off, then wont fire over for several hours. it cranks fine but wont fire. i know were not getting any spark when this happens. After sitting several hours it will fire up, but only till it warms up.

Answer: OK. Two things. With the check engine light on, you MUST have the codes scanned to see what system is setting the light. This may help in diagnosing this problem. Aside form that, just because an ignition module tests good, does not mean that it won't fail when it is on the car, and hot. Even if quickly removed when the car is not starting, and tested, then re-installed, and car still wont start, does not guarantee it is good.

Tests of these modules are not always definite. You would also need to check for fuel injector pulse signal from the computer. If you have no spark AND no injector pulse, then i would suspect a wiring problem between the crank position sensor and the ignition module. If ONLY spark is missing, then i would suspect the ignition module or wiring problem to it.

Dies When Stopping Or Turning

1993 Oldsmobile Delta 88.
Engine Size : 3.8
Question : car dies when stopping or turning, starts right up, today dies while driving and will not start, idles rough ...changed fuel filter, ignition module, coil packs, fuel psi are good, computer checks are all good.

Answer: As with above visitor question, you will need to find out what is missing when it stalls- spark, injector pulse, etc. Possible crank sensor faulty.

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  • Guest - Jason Strevels

    I heard a ticking sound yesterday woke up to go to work this morning driving highway ticking still loud and then car just shuts off and now wont turn over or restart

  • Guest - DW WIDER

    1985 Olds Mobile Delta 88 dies out after ten minutes, starts<br />back up, then dies again and again.