Oil Pressure Gauge Needle Goes Up And Down

Question: 2004 Chevy silverado, 6.0L, 2500. I replaced the oil sending unit and now when I'm driving at 70mph or faster the oil gauge needle will bounce around.

The needle will move between 40 & 60, it won't stay at one constant pressure. Is this normal? Does the oil pump need to be replaced? Is it a bad oil sending unit? Thanks for the help!

Answer: If this problem started after replacing the sender, then I would suspect it is a bad one. Especially if the old one did not do anything similar.

No, the bouncing is not normal. It will go up and down depending on engine speed, but not bounce.

Be sure to check the connection t the sensor.

We have also had problem with the screen getting plugged up with debre. It is under the sending unit in the engine. You will need a small pick to get it out to check it.



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