How to Adjust 2000 Chevy Silverado Steering Gear Box

Question: Yes can I adjust my steering gearbox I was told it had little play in the steering when it was lined up. thanks

Answer: As long as you have the old style steering gearbox and not the new style rack and pinion, then there are two adjustments that can be made.

One is called worm gear thrust bearing preload, and the other is Pitman arm Shaft over center preload. Both of these require removal of the gearbox to adjust it. There are also some special tools involved and it is quite a meticulous procedure. Takes some trial and error and if you get it to tight you will cause damage to the gear and it would need to be replaced. If the front end alignment specifications are good and the truck drives straight with no other problems in the steering I really wouldn't worry too much about it. A little bit of slop in these gearboxes is normal.



Question: With a 1969 C-10 pickup, I know the accelerator pedal attaches to floor studs at the bottom of the pedal. How does the top of the pedal attach to the accelerator rod or does it simply lay against the rod?

Answer: I really would not know, being it is 44 years old !

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