2004 Chevrolet Silverado Turn and Hazard Lights Problem

2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500. Question: Turn and hazards do not work all the lights are on.

Answer: Assuming you've checked to make sure the bulbs are good, you need to check the fuses in the underhood fuse block, and the fuse block in the left hand side of the dash. If the fuses are good, you could have a bad

turn signal/hazard flasher. This flasher is located on the back side of the instrument panel fuse block. You would have remove the knee bolster (lower dash trim below the steering wheel) to access the flasher. If the flasher is fine, you're only left with a bad turn signal multifunction switch or a wiring issue. Usually it's something common, like the flasher or a fuse.

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  • Guest - Paxton Joiner

    1990 chechevy silverado, hazard lights don't blink

  • Guest - Paxton Joiner

    In reply to: Guest - Paxton Joiner

    1990 chevy silverado, hazard lights don't blink.