2010 GMC Denali Heated Seats And Remote Start Problems

2010 GMC Denali Truck. Question: My truck has heated seats and i was wondering if you can program them to come on when starting the vehicle with the remote start. Living in Northern Canada it would be nice to get in a warm truck without cold seats.

Answer: If your vehicle has an automatic climate control air conditioning system, the heated seats will come on automatically during a remote start function in colder weather. If you do not have an automatic climate control system, you have to manually turn on the heated seats. This is not programmable in either fashion. That information is straight from GM, and should be in your owner's manual as well. As for what GM considers 'colder' weather is highly questionable. A temperature that you might want the heated seats to be on, might not be considered 'cold' to GM. Whether you have automatic climate control or not, your best bet for a warm interior when you get in, is to leave the heat on full blast before you exit the truck, and it will be on that when you use your remote start to fire it up.

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