2000 GMC Yukon Spits and Sputter On Acceleration

2000 GMC Yukon. 5.3L Vortec. Question: My Yukon quit going down the road and now it spits and sputters when u start it and cant give it and acceleration.


Answer: I would bet the fuel pump went out with what you describe. You need to check fuel pressure with a reliable fuel pressure gauge. The spec. is about 60psi, but you probably won't be anywhere near that. A heavily clogged fuel filter can prematurely wear out a fuel pump, so check that too. If you need to change the pump, the fuel tank will have to be removed from the vehicle. It comes a module unit and is easily swappable. Since you don't mention any other problems or the check engine light being on, I wouldn't think you have a sensor problem or electrical issue. Check fuses and check fuel pressure. You can try a quick spray of carb cleaner or brake clean into the throttle body to see if it starts up that way, but backfires can occur so be careful. Then you'd know you have fuel delivery problem.

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