1997 Chevy Tahoe Misfire Now Wont Start

1997 Chevrolet Tahoe. Engine Size : 5.7L Vortec. Question: Driving along vehicle started misfiring when the steering wheel was tuned to the right. after a few miles shut down and had to be towed. There is no spark and and fuel pump does not run. changed fuel pump relay, crank sensor, cam sensor and distributor module.

I should mention that i bought the vehicle this way and my friend was the one who did the above work and i was not present when it was done. any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Not sure what turning right would have to do with anything, unless you have a loose connection or bad ground under the hood that the turn caused to finally break. There is a 2-wire ground on the very top, rear of the passenger side cylinder head. Right up against the firewall. Pull on those wires to see is the ground has broken off. I assume all fuses have been checked. Did you do a scan of computer trouble codes? If that ground is OK, pull on all wiring harnesses under the hood while cranking the engine to see if you can get it to start. You should also have the wires from the ECM to the crank sensor checked for continuity. If the ECM does not get a crank signal, you will not have spark, but you should still have fuel pump. A scanner with live data may needed to look at things while cranking.

Chevy Tahoe Weak Spark

I have a 2002 Chevy Tahoe with a 5.3L. The motor is running rough it acts like it's not getting enough Spark. All 8 coil packs are sparking but it's a blue orange spark not a strong blue one. What could be the problem to get better spark

Answer: If you are not using a correct spark tester, then the color of the spark can be misleading. There is nothing that can cause weak spark on all coils at the same time. Check the spark plugs first. See if they are worn or burning oil / coolant. Next check for intake manifold gaskets leaking vacuum. This will only cause a rough idle.

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  • Guest - CHUCK

    96 Tahoe 5.7 vortex dame exact problem the fuel spider has eight lines (1for each cylinder duh) one was disconnected and leaking hence the misfiring running rich,the sensor under the plenum (plastic cover above intake manifold )tripped the ecm fuse ,shutting off both spark and fuel delivery, puzzled me for awhile ,you can bypass the fuel relay and check your fuel pump I did and that narrowed it down ,common problem

  • Guest - waylon

    check the ground wire connected to your ignition sometimes this breaks due to a tilting steering wheel.

  • Sounds like a bad ground. There is one that goes from the main engine harness to the drivers side lower engine block.