1997 Chevy Lumina Cruise Control Problem

1997 Chevrolet Lumina. Question: I am having trouble with the Cruise Control. The cruise control just stopped working. I have checked it out with the Haynes Manual and could not find the answer. Does it have a switch on the brake pedal that affects the cruise control?

Any ideas on what the problem could be or the solutions to the problems would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Yes, the system uses the brake light switch and a cruise enable switch. They are both on the brake pedal under the dash. The lower switch with the 2 wires connectors is for the cruise. Either switch can inhibit cruise function. There is a lot to this system though. Is power getting to the on/off switch ? Is the switch sending the correct signal for "Set" ? Does the module see a vehicle speed greater than 25 MPH ? Several things will cause it to not work. Have had all the components fail over the years, one is not more common than the other except for the actual on/off set switch assembly. Cruise module supplies power to the switch, switch signals the module, PCM determines if to set or not, and at what speed, module looks at brakes switch inputs, PCM looks at vehicle speed, etc. Without knowing what exactly you have tested, and what the results were, no way to even guess.

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