2000 Chevy Venture Van Transmission Noises

My 2000 Chevy Venture has an occasional transmission whine. It also will rpm beyond the normal shift point and then clunk into the next gear. There are no odd symptoms on downshift. If I pull over and turn off the Van, start it back up after a minute or so, it sometimes will be fine.

If not, usually repeating the stopping and restarting will make the problem go away. Anyone else have this problem or know what the cause and fix is?

Answer:Unfortunately the whine noise and the slipping are sign of internal transmission problems. There are several service bulletins for noises and/or slipping that can be anything from debre in the valve body, to a drive sprocket bearing coming apart. You could TRY to have a fluid flush and filter change, but normally would not fix problems. You need to have the system scanned for codes, have a tech look at transmission data, and have him test drive to evaluate the problems. Does not necessarily mean you are in need of an overhaul, but it will have to diagnosed by a good transmission tech.

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  • Guest - shannon

    What is the box attached to my shift rod bolt on the side of my transmission on a 99 Yukon 4wd 1500 slt

  • Guest - Jeremy Freeman

    My van will whine when its running and even when it is revved up. plus will take a long time to shift. What is causing this problem for my van?

  • Guest - Freddy1

    In reply to: Guest - Jeremy Freeman

    You have an internal problem inside the transmission. Whining could be a bad pump, bad seal, bearing noise or one of many other problems. With it not shifting correctly, you are going to have to have a tans Tech drive it and maybe drop the pan to look for debre. Sound like the transmission is going to have to come out and be rebuilt or replaced depending on how much damage there is.