1997 Chrysler Cirrus Has No Power and Dies Out

1997 Chrysler Cirrus.
Engine Size : v6
Question: My car broke down two weeks after i got it .. I got a oil change a week before it broke down.. It wont accelerate when you press the gas it dies.. but it starts ok.. I had the distributor replace and fuel fliter..but its still not acting like its getting gas but every shop i have took it to cant figure out whats wrong with it.. what could it be? i really need some ideas been in the shop for a year.

There could be several reasons for this problem. Low fuel pressure is one. The mechanic would need to have a fuel pressure gauge on it when it is acting up to see if it is low. There could be any number of sensors that is acting up. A scan of the computer for stored trouble codes would give an indication as to which one is having trouble. The throttle position sensor is one that is common for this. A stuck open EGR valve is another. Also a skewed MAP sensor, along with several others. Possible the car has a plugged catalytic converter. An engine mechanical problem such as the timing chain has jumped a tooth would also give this problem. Removing the front timing cover and inspecting for correct timing would be required, or at least a compression check to see if one or more cylinders are lower than the others.

PT Cruiser Dies Out

2001 pt cruiser. will crank up and run / drive for about 2 or 3 blocks engine stops will wait at least 30 to 45 minutes then i can crank it again same process. I have no problem cranking it first or second time after it sits but if i crank it to early it just turns over and over like its not getting gas.

Answer: You may be right, it may not be getting gas. You could have a fuel pump going out. Letting it sit a while lets it cool down. The only way to be sure is to check to the fuel pressure when it dies to see if it is low or none at all.

Your car could also have an ignition module going bad or a crank position sensor. These may set a code in the computer, so a scan of stored trouble codes would be a good idea as well.

Dodge Intrepid Hard Starting And Shifting

Hey guys. Bought a '94 intrepid in April of this year. It has a few wiring issues but otherwise did great. Until recently. It feels reluctant to start, but it does start almost right up. It also has problems shifting out of first gear (jerks slightly, but not hard) and has no problem with any of the others. But after a little while of driving, especially if I'm in the city with frequent stops, it feels laggy.

It will feel like it has a hard time getting gas through and then will pick back up and drive fine for a while. Check the fluids regularly and it always says I have fluid. Wondering if any is actually getting through the way it's supposed to. Any suggestions?

Answer: Check your fuel pressure. If it is low, this will give your Dodge the feel of no power you are describing. Also have the catalytic converter checked for being plugged.

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