How to find top dead center on engine

Question: So I did a valve cover replace on a 1997 Plymouth voyager with a 3.0 I forgot to mark the distributor it won't start now. I was told it was out of time I need to find top dead center can any one help.

I just don't have much clearances after I remove the belt and generator to access the spark plug hole one. Should I fell air leave or enter.  Also should I line up the harmonic balance in the mark hole or before. I set the distributor right before or center mark on plug one.

Answer: Put a long thin rod in the spark plug hole so when turning the engine around you will see it move up and down. At the top of it's travel will be top dead center. But that could be on compression or exhaust, so also look at the crank pulley mark to line up. Then line up the rotor to point to the #1 plug wire on distributor.

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