1999 Voyager Window Motor Regulator Install Problem

1999 Chrysler Grand Voyager. Engine Size : 3.8 litre
Question : I replaced a power window motor on the passenger side, but I cannot seem to get the cables in the proper place on the assembly spool. Please tell me how to fix this problem. Thank you.

Well, the problem is that the spool has turned during motor replacement. you are suppose to prevent that from happening when replacing the motor. This is going to be a very difficult fix, if you can do it at all. You are going to have to take the motor off the regulator and turn the spool and make sure the cables are wrapped properly, then turn the it to get the cables where you need it, then re-install the motor. It is very tricky and can take some trial and error. If you cannot get it corrected, you will have to replace the regulator.

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