Dodge Dakota Looses Engine power

Idle is fine but when i drive on the road and the RPMs go above 2200 i lose all engine power and i hear a very loud air release sound as long as i have my foot on the gas. After this happens two or three times, i dont regain my engine power and have to let it sit for a few hours.

Answer: The sound you are hearing may be the exhaust trying to get out somewhere because the catalytic converter is plugged and will not allow the exhaust to flow properly through the muffler then tailpipe. This also give a problem of no engine power because the engine cannot breathe properly. You check this by putting your hand near the tailpipe and revving the engine to feel if there does not seem to be enough exhaust coming out. But be careful, the exhaust is hot !

Dodge Dakota Wipers Quit

1994 Dodge Dakota wipers just quit working. I checked the fuses not blown. What else could be the problem?

There could be several possible causes. The wiper motor may have gone bad, the wiper switch could have failed or there could be a wiring problem b tween the two of them. The wiper motor going bad is the most common. Turn your truck on, turn on the wipers then tap on the motor with the handle end of a hammer. This will sometimes cause the motor to free up. It may only be a for a second or for a few days, either way at least you will know if that was the problem.

Dodge Dakota No Power

When driving along car feels like it is struggling for power and now and again when stationary engine feels like it's rocking.noticed it burns oil now and again

What you describe could be several things- restricted catalytic converter, faulty ignition coil, low fuel pressure, bad airflow sensor or several other sensors. The engine rocking means that the engine has a misfire. Most likely a bad spark plug, spark plug wire or ignition coil.

Chrysler Engine Stumbles

1992 Chrysler New Yorker. 3.3L.
Question: Car always runs real smooth, but recently started stumbling periodically. Tried gas treatment and higher octane gas with no success. 68,000 original miles, i've put about 30,000 on and haven't done anything except change the oil. Do you think it could be a gas filter, EGR valve, or does it need a complete tuneup?

This problem could be an EGR or EGR control system issue, but I would more think a spark plug or plug wire. Especially if it happens more when accelerating. Acceleration puts a heavy electrical load on the ignition system. Start with the basics. Do a complete tune-up with plugs, wires, PCV valve and air filter. After the basics are covered, if it still does it, then more diagnosis would be needed. There are too many other things that can cause a general engine stumble. A problem with a sensor or other part should cause the check engine light to come on.

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  • Guest - dug

    i would chk fuel pressure '''vapor lock=bad fuel pump had jeep simular

  • Guest - henry hill

    my truck runs and idles,but when i put it in gear it jumps and sputters and dont get up.

  • also i have replaced all of the vacuum lines after it started doing this so that shouldnt be the problem.