1996 Dodge Dakota Dies Out | Contaminated Fuel

Problem with my 1997 Dodge Dakota sport V8.
Computer codes: not that i know of.
Repairs: Drained gas tank, changed spark plugs, changed coil, changed distributor cap, changed rotor button.
question = what happens if you accidentally mix, and run, kerosene in a gasoline engine?
The other day the gas tank was low and i put about three gallons of kerosene in the tank without knowing it was kerosene. i drove the truck about fifteen or twenty miles before the engine got to hot and i had to stop, i knew that it was not running right for some reason. i had the truck towed home and now it wont start at all i've done all of the things above and im at a loss. if you could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.

Answer: Ok drain the tank. fill with fresh gas. flip the key on while having someone hold the fuel rail shrader valve open then flip the key on. Do this like 20 times. It is going to spray gas every where unless you have it routed through a hose and put the stuff in bucket. Either get a fuel injector flush service done, or may even need to replace them. Any part of the fuel system could be damaged, including the fuel pump. When that is done try to start the car. If it doesn't you need to take a compression check and cylinder leak down test of the cylinders. The kerosene may have damaged the valves and valve seats or piston rings due to different burning characteristics of this compared to gasoline. Low compression or compression leakage would indicate this. If this were the case, the engine will need to be disassembled to look for damage.

Dodge Not Turning Over

1997 Dodge half ton truck.
Question: Was turning over and over then there was a crunch now there is power coming inside the truck but not turning over.

Answer: If the engine was cranking and cranking but did not start, then it made a sound like that, then it sounds like the starter has failed and needs to be replaced. The starter failing is problem number two. Cranking over and over but not starting is problem one. After you get it cranking again, you will need to check for fuel pressure and spark at the spark plugs to determine why it would not start up.

Dodge Ram A/C Blowing Warm

2004 dodge ram 1500. I replaced condenser , evap, and dryer today. Flushed lines, did not replace O tube. Pulled a vacuum and added a can of R134. Low side was 25 and high was 175, started on second can when pressure went too high.

Recovered until low was 40 and high was 250. Inside air is not blowing cold, a/C line after Orifice tube line is cool to touch and has some condensation and line before Orifice tube is hot to touch. Not sure where to go with this?

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