How to turn radiator fans on manually

I have a 2006 Chrysler town & country van, I'm trying to add refrigerant to the air conditioner but the compressor and radiator fans don't turn. Beside refrigerant the radiator could over-heat since the fans stop turning.

Answer: The radiator fans have 2 different circuits to turn them on. 1. A/C engaged. 2. Engine getting hot. You need to determine if the fans come on when the engine is getting hot. Usually over 210 degrees. If they dont come on either way- A/C request or engine hot- then you could have a blowwn fuse, bad relay or the fans themselves could be fan. You would need to check for ppower and ground at the fans to determine if this is a fan problem, or a fan control circuit problem.

If the fans only wont come on with the A/C request, but DO when engine hot, then this changes what part part of the circuit is bad. First, the A/C compressor or fans wont come on if there is no freon in the system. No pressure means no request for compressor or fans. The low pressure switch could be bad, a wiring problem, blown fuse or relay.

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