Ford Ranger Brakes Getting Hot

I have a 2008 Ford Ranger. The front drivers side brakes are getting warm and causing the rotor to warp and vibrate the vehicle. I only notice this when I have been driving on the highway for a period of time in stop and go traffic.

Once I get back into a situation where I don't have to use the brakes the rotor seems to cool back down and the vibration goes away. My theory is the brake line has a kink in it and is not allow the fluid to exit the caliper quickly enough. What do you feel this is? I am unable to see a visible kink but there is considerable wear on the rotor and grooves.

Answer: This could be just sticking caliper slides. Your truck could also have the brake hose going to that caliper is deteriorated internally causing the fluid to not release back to the master cylinder. This is similar to the kink in a brake line your describe.

Tire Size And Struts

Can the wrong sized tires damage strut/mount/assembly?

Answer: No, the wrong tire size cannot damage a strut or mount. All a strut does is dampen the suspension travel while going over bumps or uneven road surface- just like a shock. It does not car what size a tire is. A round tire rolls and the strut has no idea what size it is.

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